dacotan Ltd. is a company founded in 2007 to realize Dr. Beni Cohen’s visionary and groundbreaking approach and solution for better oral care for the population at large.

Dr. Beni Cohen, through his dentistry practice, realized that brushing and flossing are not enough – they leave food remains and bacteria at the root of teeth, gums and on braces that with time accumulate and develop gingivitis, sensitive gums, deteriorate heathy teeth and build plaque.

His mission was to find a solution that will enable anyone, at any age, improve their oral hygiene efficiently, cost effectively, without consuming time – as part of their daily routine. A solution that will complete the unfinished job left by brushing and flossing – a device that will remove all food remains and bacteria.

Inspired by his professional environment Dr. Beni Cohen developed a revolutionary personal device based on advanced human engineering and clinical practices that offers simple dental solutions for daily oral care.

Silon it, is a thin spout that easily connects to any home tap with a precise, easily regulated for temperature and strength, water jet that rinses, cleans and massages teeth, braces and gums within just one minute.

Encouraged by the enthusiasm and satisfied response to the early versions of the product led Dr. Beni Cohen to further invest, develop and establish dacotan Ltd.

Studies by the scientific dental community testify that this specific method of oral irrigation with water has therapeutic benefits, reduces pro-inflammatory agents, reaches periodontal pockets and has proven antimicrobial properties.

Silon it is widely distributed to public and private dental health care organizations, pharmacies and clinics in Israel and through authorized distributors worldwide.

dacotan Ltd. is continually improving Silon it while developing new oral care products.