From: Mrs. Tsiona Betsalel

I would like to express to you all my gratitude about the Silon it.

I suffered from gum inflammations which improved thanks to this device. My sons too and my friends use it and they are very pleased.

Thank you and good success.

From: Mrs. Bruria Fitmer

For many years, I suffered from gum and teeth problems, most of them undergone one or another treatment, from simple dental fillings, root canals, surgical extractions, periodontal treatments and implants.

During all those years, I used usual devices which helped more or less to maintain the different treatments but I didn’t found any effective solution.

Recently, I discovered the Silon it, this device is connects easily to the tap, I desperately tried it too, I just had nothing to lose. After using it, I found with surprise, that a significant improvement

was reflected in a decrease of swelling. I continued to use this wonderful device and founded such a great benefit in a so simple and easy solution for gum and teeth health.