From: Dr. Y. Alpern

I am a general dentist with a specialization in periodontics, haVinB complemd TnV specializatlon course
and all rotations required to receive a certificate from the Univerer 0f Tel AViV
in my practice, from time to time I encounter patients with poor levels of cooperation in implementing
oral hygiene, which impedes success in the treatment of their gum disease.
l have encountered the Silonit device on various occasions, and was very skeptical at first.
Recently, I treated a patient who had purchased the Silonit after receiving a recommendation from a
The patient suffered from severe gum disease, and had terrible oral hygiene, despite receiving
instructions on maintaining proper hygiene many times. I
To my surprise, after using the device, I saw a significant change in the removal of their bacterial plaque.
and a major improvement in the regression of their inflammation.
Since then, I have been recommending the device and seeing significant improvements in most patients.

From: Dr Ophir Promovitsch

For many years l have recommended Silonit to my patients.
The daily use of Silonit, has shown to produce significant positive results
in oral hygiene of patients.
Specially good results are seen in large bridges supported by implants
and gums conditions improves impressively.

From: Dr Musa Bajali

I started prescribing the Silonit device since two years for the
patients with gingival diseases, as well as patients with implants in my private practice.
Following up the patients clinically, I observed evidently decreasing of the gingival inflammation signs in concern of bleeding, color change and improving the efficiency of the oral hygiene, which
expressed by the patients that there is no efficient oral hygiene without the Silonit device.

From: Dr. Naphlali Brezniak

This week I have checked 3 product called Silonit.
I found it very efficient for teeth and gum cleaning especially in cases of gum
diseases and orthodontics. I would recommend this device for use by my patients.

From: Prof Noah Stern

I am happy to inform you that my patients to whom I have recommended the Silonit device are very
happy with it, and I am very pleased to note that their clinical condition has improved significantly since
they started using the device.
However, I would also like to emphasize that use of the device cannot serve as a replacement for
periodic visits to the dental hygienist, and that instructions regarding the proper use of the device must
be provided, especially noting that it should be used after the patient has finished brushing their teeth
I wish you success in promoting the sales of this device in the future, along with the explanation for its
proper use.