Silon it is a revolutionary, simple to use and safe solution for oral hygiene developed by Dakotan Ltd, a company founded by dentist Dr. Beni Cohen in 2007.

Years of dentistry and research led Dr. Beni Cohen to realize that oral health can be easily improved by better mouth hygiene; that brushing teeth regularly and even flossing do not remove food and plaque from areas that are difficult to reach.

Motivated by the need to provide the population at large an advanced and effective device for daily oral maintenance, prevention of gum infections and plaque buildup resulted in Silon it – a ground breaking yet practical solution that extends the reach to areas that are difficult to access within the mouth.

With Silon it jet spray anyone can quickly and effectively remove all food remains from between teeth, implants and braces, prevent plaque build-up, and keep a pleasant fresh breath and satisfied smile.

Dakotan co. Ltd continues to pursue the development of unique, innovative products that promote better oral care.  

Top up your brushing with a spray of Silon it !

Silonit’s straight forward simplicity and proven results.



Silonit is an advanced and unique device that easily screws onto any domestic tap and is ready to use when it is turned on. 

Designed for efficiency and safety, Silonit has a plastic spout that concentrates a thin jet of water – set at a temperature of your choice – that rinses, massages and cleans the mouth, teeth and gums in seconds. 

The focused water jet spray

  • Removes food remains
  • Penetrates between closely set teeth or implants
  • Eliminates bacteria that accumulates on braces and bridges
  • Releases plaque buildup from the roots of the teeth and gingival pockets
  • Treats gingivitis and stops bleeding
  • Prevents wounds and keeps the mouth tissues intact
  • Helps keep the breath fresh

In less than a minute.

Studies have shown that daily use of Silonit (morning and night) can halt receding gums, stop and heal Gingivitis (gum inflammation) and prevent Halitosis (bad breath) in just weeks.

Silonit is widely distributed throughout Israeli health care organizations, independent and chain pharmacies and promoted by practicing dentist to help stop teeth decay and maintain a healthy mouth and fresh breath.